The Project

”Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.“ Vincent Van Gogh
”Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.“ Paul Rand
We, a young team, use our creativity and talent for art and design in order to promote – through an extraordinary way – a peaceful social coexistence in Europe as well as in the entire world. We send art work made of precious hardwood and designed with detailed ornaments to different people all over the world. The idea
We bring a smile (and thoughtfulness) to people through a unique gesture and we invite them to spread our message of smiles in their surroundings. More precisely, the gesture consists in specifically producing and engraving wooden cubes and to send them to different randomly chosen people. It is the positive surprise by the unexpected gift together with the joy related to having been selected out of seven billion people that create a smile on the recipient’s face.
Certainly, the beauty and uniqueness of the art work itself are inspiring as well. The fact that the recipient receives a present from people they do not know, stimulates them to reflect. In addition, there is a note attached to the gift that invites them to share their smiles with others. The recipients are asked to send a picture and a description of their impressions. These are then published on the website of “Smile for You”. (Summary)

This has the following impacts on the recipients:

♦ Positive surprise by the unexpected gift
♦ Joy related to having been selected out of seven billion people
♦ Pleasure with the unique art work itself
♦ Strengthening of the global sense of community
♦ Connection with the dedicated artist and the other recipients

In the certainty that our present brings a smile to our recipient, we also ask them in an attached note to share their smile with others in order to contribute to a worldwide understanding. Thus, on the one hand the smile should evoke happiness in the individual but on the other hand it should also serve as a powerful tool for a peaceful coexistence. Our slogan „Sending Presents – A Pleasure for Us“ reveals the fact that we already smile while designing, organising and shipping. Here once again the essential milestones:
S ending: We are sending our good will across the world and infect others with it
M essage: With our work we will act as examples for young people
I nternationality: to know ones own roots and to appreciate others
L augh as a message for the peaceful social interaction
E ntire world and its future are important to us

If you want to see every desiged cubes, visit our blog on facebook